What is SEO?

What is SEO? Search engine optimization or SEO is the utilization of marketing endeavors to drive a website to prominent ranking of the search engine. Being on top of the search engine listings gives the website an advantage of approximately twenty percent of click-throughs that lead to the site. This is a big opportunity that can be optimized by website owners to drive relevant and targeted website traffic. Conversely, without SEO knowledge, website owners can definitely lose such opportunity to their competitors.

Internet users make over a billion searches every hour and the click-throughs that result from such searches are from organic listings. Organic listings use the SEO standards in order to get a high ranking. One of the most popular search engines Google has even targeted their listings geographically enabling local websites to have lesser international competition in attaining those prominent ranks.

Variations in search algorithms carry on to intensity search engines need for localized content. The priority listing of locally optimized content exhibits the significance searchers are placing on geo-tagged data because of the surge of mobile internet usage. Local listings with SEO standards dominate the top ranks of today’s most prominent search engines. They have the benefits of top placement giving the searchers ease and convenience to get to the best sites at once.

To attain such status it is important to have a skillful SEO specialist to work on tactics in creating on-page and off-page SEO that drives in the results. Prominent ranking clearly shows that if the website competitors are residing in the prominent spots in search engine listings, they are clearly getting significant customers and business opportunities away from one’s website.

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