The World-Wide Web

Did you know that in United States, the average person is on the internet for about 32 hours each week? The internet is becoming the fastest, most efficient way to communicate for the average person. Therefore, the best way to communicate to the average person is to advertise online. Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and other social medias make it even easier to reach people than ever before. The problem is, how do you reach them?

One such method is to use backlinks. Backlinks are links that you post on websites, blogs and other places that redirects the person to your website. This can help boost up your traffic to your site and to boost search engine rankings for your website. If you use backlinks correctly you will be able to get your page rank higher. The higher a page rank you get the higher on the search engine you place. Therefore, when someone is looking for the keyword that you have marketed using backlinks, the more likely they will see it which gives you more business.

What are the best backlinks? Just like in a catalog, where you place your link can give you more or less traffic to your site. For instance, putting a backlink on a website that is like your website and that has multiple people visiting their website will boost the “grade” of your backlink. Furthermore, the more backlinks that you have from various websites, the more valuable your website is, in the eyes of the search engine. Just remember that by marketing online, you are bringing your product to the very back door of your customers.

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