Mortensen Law Does Probate

Mortensen Law Does Probate. It seems unfair for the surviving family of a decedent to be subjected to the stress of going through legal proceedings just to take what is theirs. Fortunately, there are people who are willing to absorb some of the stress and help these people cope with the trauma of losing someone dear.

Mortensen Law does probate and other legal actions that may be entailed upon the demise of a person. The lawyers of the Mortensen Law Office are willing to lend their hands to guide their clients through the probate of a will. Not only that, they can give legal advice on how to avoid probate which many prefer. If you are intent on providing your family with a future free from court appearances and huge expenses Mortensen can help you find ways to avoid probate.

There will always be instances when the decedent fails to accomplish a will before they kick the bucket. Mortensen will still help you every step of the way. They will file a petition in court so it will appoint a personal representative.

If you are the one tasked by the decedent to become the executor, you need to know how to go about your duty which includes filing a petition for probate, managing all the assets, retitling the assets if necessary, settling all debts, and paying the expenses incurred during the whole process. You also have to be familiar with filing tax returns and distributing the assets to the inheritors. You have less to worry about if you hire the services of Mortensen and his group of lawyers. Surely, they will help make life a little easier for you.

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Tax, Trust & Probate Attorneys, P. C.
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