Mortensen Law does Living Trusts

Mortensen Law does Living Trusts. A person who has substantial assets and properties should plan ahead on who should inherit them is ever he/she dies or is unable to manage them. Failure to do so could make these assets and properties end up in probate or conservatorship. These two processes take up a lot of the person’s heirs’ time, money, and energy. An inheritance that should be looked upon as a gift has turned into a curse.

Living trusts should be made to avoid properties undergoing these tedious and time-consuming processes. A living trust is a legal document that names the grantor (the owner of the trust), the trustee (the manager of the trust) and the beneficiaries (those who will benefit from the legal trust). Unlike a will, that needs to be probated, a living trust designates a trustee who will be responsible for executing the wishes of the grantor, therefore eliminating the need for a probate court to decide on this matter.

Living trusts are helpful in managing property if it was properly drafted. It could become a nightmare if not. Living trusts should be made with a qualified estate lawyer to ensure that the assets and properties embodies in that living trust will be managed efficiently, orderly, and properly.

One of the law firms who is qualified to make living trusts in California is Mortensen Law Tax, Trust & Probate Attorneys, P.C. Their main office is located in Newhall, California, and they have three branches in Westlake Village, Sherman Oaks, and Los Angeles.

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