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A prophecy has entwined seven demigods with the meddling of Hera. Now they are faced with the almost impossible task of making peace with the Romans and destroying the evil earth goddess. Annabeth must walk alone, Percy will be challenged in his own element, Leo must learn to accept himself as he is, Hazel must find her brother before it is too late, Frank must come to grips with his curse, Jason must share the leadership rule with his enemy Percy, and Piper must learn to trust Jason. Will these demigods be able to pull off the prophecy?

Sexual Content:

Annabeth and Percy kiss throughout the book. They fall asleep in the cargo ship together and are woken up by Frank. Although nothing happened, they are reprimanded for falling asleep and being in the cargo hold by themselves.

Spiritual Content:

Throughout this book, the characters make sacrifices to their parents/demigods. One point, Percy makes a tribute to the wine god in hopes in getting help from him.

Positive Content:

Percy wants to protect his girlfriend Annabeth and his friends. He has been told this can and will be his downfall. Jason follows all the rules and continually promises to protect his girlfriend Piper. Even Leo, who is goofy, believes in protecting each other. This was one of the major good parts in this book. Furthermore, responsibility is also talked about throughout the book.

Negative Content:

The kids seem to have inhuman abilities and often it seems they know better than their parents.

Drug and Alcohol Content:



Rick Riordan is very good at keeping you excited about what comes next. I loved that he brought in the conflict between Roman and the Greeks and developed and matured the characters even more in this book. I also like that he has brought up responsibility, perseverance, honor, and other traits in his book to encourage young readers when reading to be more like the characters in the book. Although, I would watch out for the numerous references to the Greek and Roman gods listed in this book. Riordan did a great job in showing the gods as fickle and not all-knowing in this book, nevertheless, I would discuss this book with your kids before allowing them to read.

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