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A Newhall California Mortensen Law Firm, specializing in tax attorney, a trust lawyer can help you in estate planning to ensure that your heirs won’t fight over your assets when you’re dead. A trust ensures that the desires of the estate s owner will be fulfilled upon their death by transferring the assets to the trust. This arrangement also has the advantage that the estate is able to avoid expensive probate proceedings. There are different types of trusts available based on the owners desire for the disposal of their assets and a trust attorney can help you decide which one is appropriate and help you set it up. Newhall California Mortensen Law Office Estate Attorney

First of the most popular types of trusts is the living trust, in which the assets of the estate are transferred while the owner is still living, enabling them to maintain control while ensuring that the assets are distributed according to their demand upon their death. A living trust also ensures that the estate will not go into conservatorship if the trustee becomes mentally incapacitated since there are successor trustees will take charge of it. If you are interested in situating a living trust, a California living trust attorney can ensure that it is prepared appropriately and is compliant with all relevant laws. Your lawyer will also prepare the trust in such a way that it cannot be disputed in court by the heirs, even after the granter has passed away, as well as providing a way for the allocation of assets without undergoing the probate process.

If you are planning to hire a Valencia Estate Lawyer for probate planning, ensure that he or she is familiar with the trust law of your state. Each state has its own individual set of trust laws and although there are many areas of commonality, there are also important differences so your lawyer should have understanding in this area of legal area. One way of discovering a dependable lawyer practicing in your area is to visit the sites of professional organizations such as the American Association of Trusts, Estates and Elder Law Attorneys (AATEELA) and the American College of Trust and Estate Counsel (ACTEC) and search their membership rosters. If these lawyers have websites, visit them to see in what areas of trust law they concentrate as well as any other relevant data such as their professional background.

As your state certifies lawyers in their specialized area of legal practice, you should also make sure that the attorneys you are interested in are certified. In California, for instance, the State Bar runs the country s first legal certification program that allows lawyers to earn certification in 11 areas of legal practice. Once you have a list of lawyers, arrange initial consultations with them so you can discuss your case as well as feeling out the lawyer to see if you are comfortable with them. Keep in mind that you may have to pay for the consultation although some lawyers may offer free first meetings.

During the interview, do not hesitate to ask the probate attorney for references who will vouch for their trustworthiness and proficiency. Also ask about their fee plan and ask to see a model retainer agreement and ask them to explain any provisions you do not understand.

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