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Tips on Getting a Job

Why am I not getting jobs? Here are some tips on getting jobs! 1. Refining your writing skills help 2. Dress properly 3. Be ready to answer questions 4. Be Yourself! 5. Be Polite! 6. Don’t Mumble! 7. Give a … Continue reading

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Now that the Internet has proven itself as one of the most effective avenues for prospecting and marketing, the world’s biggest companies are jumping on the bandwagon and seeking the first and largest slice of the proverbial pie. Since majority … Continue reading

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Has the Trustee Failed to Provide an Accounting?

If you are a beneficiary who believes that the trustee has been tardy in fulfilling accounting duties, please contact Mortensen Law, Southern California to file a Demand for Accounting. The trustee accounting will list: 1. All assets and their values … Continue reading

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A Lesson for Business Owners!

The first few years of Bill Clinton’s presidency was marked by stumble after stumble in terms of execution. It was only after a team of experienced professionals came to the White House to assist him did things turn around. This … Continue reading

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