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Have You Passed Accounting 101?

Those who have passed Accounting 101 ( understand that business owners should focus on building the net worth of their business by adding to their asset base while reducing liabilities. The difference is owner’s equity, the value of the business. … Continue reading

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Are You Ready to Answer these Questions?

As the owner of a business, are you ready to be asked and truthfully answer these questions when asked by an employee? “How are we doing?”When this question is asked, it raises some serious red flags. The first is that … Continue reading

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Tired of Looking For A Job?

During a focus group which was conducted for the book The Millionaire Mind, one of the participants took a long time to introduce himself to the other ten people around the room. Dan’s first job was selling calculators and electronic … Continue reading

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Super Jobs Information gives information on how to get a job and how to hire good people. If you are looking for Aluminum Castings Jobs look at this website. This SEO Information will give you more information you can use … Continue reading

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