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What are linear actuators?

What are linear actuators? Linear actuators are machines that make mechanical linear movement through the conversion of various forms of energy into mechanical energy. Basically linear actuators are machines designed to apply force linearly. A good way to explain what … Continue reading

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Great Bosses VS Stellar Bosses

Being a supervisor of people in a work environment is a very difficult job. On one hand there is a responsibility to get things done using those that report to you, quickly and efficiently as possible. On the other hand, … Continue reading

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25 years ago Costco opened their first warehouse store. At that time in the retail industry, selling annual memberships for the privilege of buying things was almost unheard of. The company has since grown to 544 locations in seven countries, … Continue reading

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How to be Noticed by Your Employeer

Terri Kabachnick is the founder of The Kabachnick Group (TKG) a company focused on teaching service-oriented businesses how to develop customer loyalty through employees. The research conducted for her book, “I Quit But Forgot to Tell You,” ( states that … Continue reading

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