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The Business Story

For many organizations, recruiting is almost an afterthought. When someone resigns, the hiring process starts up. In this kind of labor market, the companies that will be successful finding employees are the ones who market for employees the way they … Continue reading

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Quitting on the job

What is the impact, morale-wise, on other employees who see that those that quit on the job are still being paid a salary and that this behavior is tolerated and hence, encouraged, because nothing is being done to address it? … Continue reading

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Business Clients

Every organization should strive to delight its customers, yet there seems to be an epidemic of terrible customer service around the nation. There are far too many stories about the unpleasant experiences people have encountered in organizations both large and … Continue reading

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Business Street Smarts

The book “What Really Works: The 4+2 Formula for Sustained Business Success” is a great read, and it is highly recommended to anyone looking to improve the focus and direction of their organization. The book is based on scientific research, … Continue reading

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