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Speaker and Sales Trainer for 30 years

My name is Nate Brooks, speaker and sales trainer for 30 years and founder of Nate Brooks & Associates Inc. who specializes in sales and customer service. I have worked with corporations, such as Enterprise Rent a Car, AOL, L’Oreal, … Continue reading

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Consulting $5,000 Daily

Let’s say you have more than twenty years understanding in your selected field. For the sake of this article, let’s say you have been in the nonprofit field for twenty-five years and are at the very top of your game. … Continue reading

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Business Expectations

The public school system in the United States has created generations of higher performing individuals based on a system of increasing expectations each year, and most students respond accordingly. Part of setting expectations is to understand not just what the … Continue reading

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Growing Business Roadmap

Most organizations want to grow. Annual and strategic plans always state that more revenue is to be created, new markets will be found, additional profits will be created, and more products will be developed and sold. In order for a … Continue reading

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