Now that the Internet has proven itself as one of the most effective avenues for prospecting and marketing, the world’s biggest companies are jumping on the bandwagon and seeking the first and largest slice of the proverbial pie. Since majority of surfers tend to reach company websites through search engine results, their online priorities usually involve getting the most favorable position in search engine results, and this is done through search engine optimization.

Unfortunately, a lot of fly-by-night SEO agencies resorted to underhanded techniques or what is known amongst the IT industry as “Blackhat SEO”, a term that encapsulates a wide variety of unacceptable practices intent on securing the top spot in search engine rankings. Unethical SEO practices have become so rampant that many search engines have updated their policies and engines to forbid them and have started penalizing sites that have been found guilty. This is bad for the clients of said SEO firms, since they usually invested in an SEO company for long-term profit, but are ironically being left out of search results due to the fault of the SEO firm.

Luckily, there are legitimate SEO firms such as BTSEO (, which provide actual search engine optimization instead of using underhanded tricks designed to trick users into browsing a site. BTSEO uses years of experience working with the top search engine companies as well as decades’ worth of marketing knowledge to help make sites relevant to its targeted consumers. This helps in converting pageviews and hits into actual revenue.

BTSEO’s use of legitimate Search Engine Optimization and targeted marketing practices means will benefit a company in so many ways! Aside from the client being able to reach their intended target audience, they will also enjoy their favorable online presence for the long term and they do not need to worry about being penalized by the major search engines.

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