California Law Some Good Pointers for Your Search

California Law Some Good Pointers for Your Search. What is the best way to determine which lawyer will work the best?  Here are some tips and steps to do.

Have a List of Names
Before deciding on a lawyer to meet with for the first time, it would be smart to do some kind of shopping.  Know the lawyers around California and then have a listing of them.  Check out also some web forums to add more names to the list that you are creating.

Reduce the Number of Potential Lawyers
Next, read reviews with a goal of knowing what people are saying about them and eliminating lawyers until you have about ten lawyers left on the list.  Get in touch with the remaining lawyers and ask the right questions like the level of knowledge they have about California Law.  Ask also if they have already managed equivalent cases as to yours.

First Meeting
Find out if the first meeting is to be paid or not, and if yes, ask how much. Some of these lawyers would like to have quick meetings with potential clients.  Expect it to be a short meeting, like 15 30 minutes, so make sure that you write down everything that each of them has to say.

Decide which of those you have talked seems to be right for you and then set up another appointment.

Things to Think About

It is crucial that you give time to compare the lawyers you’ve had a meeting with.  Consider on the following questions:

Is the fee affordable?  At the first meeting, you can tell who among these lawyers are really concerned about you and your case.  By all means, stop dealing with somebody who seems to be overly focused on the money and wouldn’t adjust his rate for your sake.

Do you believe that the person can handle the case?  You might not know what skills the lawyer has at the first meeting, but you sure will have an idea of how confident he sounds when explaining what can be done in your case.

Next, he must be someone who seems to have a prepared a question for every problem that you place in front of him.  Additionally, he should be able to quote a California law or two to back up his claims.

Do you understand what he’s saying?  He might be someone who is proficient at several subjects, but if he fails to make a clear explanation, you might be wasting your time.  Clear communication is vital especially when he is trying to give details about a certain California law, because there is a need for you to be really involved and to understand the proceedings that will follow.

Finally:  Do you feel comfortable having this person around?  No matter how skillful a lawyer is, being comfortable is more significant than his skills or experience.

How can you build a good working relationship with a person who has a negative impact on you?  And if you feel uncomfortable with everyone, the right step to do is let them all go away and just do the same search procedure all over again with a different set of lawyers.


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Best Time to Ask for A Raise at Work

Best Time to Ask for A Raise at Work
The greatest factor an employee considers when accepting or staying at a job is, of course, the salary. And, due to changing situations whether in the workplace or at home, sometimes employees need a raise.
Asking for a raise in salary is easy. Getting it is the hard part. In this article, the best timing in asking the boss for a raise will be discussed.
First of all, employees need to ask only for a raise if they feel they have improved and contributed enough for the benefit of the company. Have an honest assessment. Asking for a raise during the first months of work is sure not to guarantee a raise, for the employee still has many things to prove to the company.
It is also not the best time to ask for a raise when the company an employee is working for is currently experiencing financial struggle. This is common sense. The company is attempting to at least break even. If this is the case, what the employee should do is do his job well. When the company gets out of this financial crisis, it is the best time to ask for that salary bump.
Next thing employees should consider is the mood of their bosses when asking for a raise. Requesting a raise when the boss is in a light mood significantly increases an employee’s chance of getting it. Also, one should not set appointment to discuss salary raise matters when the boss is busy. A workplace is a place for effort, so employees must patiently wait for the time when the higher ups have time to spare.

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Job Hunting Basics — Difference Between Resume, Curriculum Vitae, and Bio Data

Job Hunting Basics — Difference Between Resume, Curriculum Vitae, and Bio Data
When looking for work, a prospective employee always stumbles upon in job advertisements the basic requirements Resume, Curriculum Vitae, and Bio Data. These three are not the same; therefore, applicants must know what the differences between them are. This type of resume is usually required for blue collar jobs.
The Bio Data is the most basic of the three. It is the biographical data of an applicant. The focus in this is the personal details of the applicant. Basic elements of a bio data include date of birth, sex, nationality, residence, and the likes. After personal information is the applicant’s educational background, however, little importance and emphasis is given to non-personal information.
Resume on the other hand is tailored for the position or job applying for. It does not list all the personal details but only the essential information needed for the job, so it is very brief, mostly just one to two pages long. The information that should always be seen in a resume includes: brief personal profile, education, qualifications, and previous employment or experience. This is generally required for white collared jobs.
Lastly, curriculum vitae, or CV is different from the other two because it is very detailed and thorough. It does not give emphasis on relevancy to the job but rather the general talent of the applicant. A C.V. lists personal profile, all the job experiences and positions held, and education of the applicant. This medium is usually submitted by fresh graduates, or those who are planning to change career path.

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Factors to Consider When Asking for A Raise

Factors to Consider When Asking for A Raise
People of course want a high salary. But unfortunately, many employees just get bare minimum salaries. They are not contented with their present income. Salaries are increased from time to time but sometimes it just takes too long. When this happens, employees can always ask the boss for a raise. But first, they must consider some factors.
First and foremost, employees must only ask for a raise if they have established themselves in the company, meaning they have been residents of the company for a while. They should also consider the things they have done for the body, and if it benefited the company.
Secondly, an employee must do research. Find out how much people with the same job as yours are getting. Sometimes a worker may feel that his salary is not enough, but the truth is, it is just the exact amount a job like that pays.
Sometimes, it is also best to ask for a raise when the company cannot afford to lose personnel. When asked for a raise, the boss will worry that the employee asking for the raise will leave the company if not given his request. This increases the chance of getting a salary raise. However, an employee should not do this when the company is in financial struggle because the company truly cannot grant the request and will only see the employee as taking advantage of the situation. This will place the employee in a bad light.
Lastly, one should consider the boss’s personal dilemma in giving increases. Giving one employee an increase will agitate other employees, thinking they are underpaid. This will only compromise the workforce of the association.

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